Frequently Asked Questions

Why is freight so expensive when I combine Lithium Batteries with other products?

Shipping Lithium Batteries - PLEASE READ THIS SO YOU CAN SAVE $$$ ON SHIPPING.

Because of the potential volatile nature of lithium batteries shipping laws for batteries have changed. If you purchase Lithium batteries it is most economical to have them shipped in a separate order. Why? Most freight companies like UPS, DHL, Fedex will not ship large Lithium batteries OR will only ship them by sea or expedited air freight. With expedited air the good thing is that the batteries do not weigh very much the costs is reasonable. You expedited parcel will also arrive quickly.

The problem is when you start to combine batteries with other products in the same order.  With this type of order all the products purchased with the Lithium batteries must also be shipped expedited air freight and the costs go up very quickly. So, to minimise your freight costs ALWAYS purchase your Lithium batteries in a separate order.


I live in Europe. Why am I being Charged VAT.

If you live in Europe then you will be subject to VAT for all products that ship for the HobbiPro Eupropean distribution warehouse. The good news is that our freight rates EUEXP1 and EUEXP2 for distribution in Europe are extremely competitive. In many instance you will get free freight.