Shipping & Returns

When you shop at HobbiPro we share the freight costs with you.

Shipping Lithium Batteries - PLEASE READ THIS SO YOU CAN SAVE $$$ ON SHIPPING.

Because of the potential volatile nature of lithium batteries shipping laws for batteries have changed. If you purchase Lithium batteries it is most economical to have them shipped in a separate order. Why? Most freight companies like UPS, DHL, Fedex will not ship large Lithium batteries OR will only ship them by sea or expedited air freight. With expedited air the good thing is that the batteries do not weigh very much the costs is reasonable. You expedited parcel will also arrive quickly.

The problem is when you start to combine batteries with other products in the same order.  With this type of order all the products purchased with the Lithium batteries must also be shipped expedited air freight and the costs go up very quickly. So, to minimise your freight costs ALWAYS purchase your Lithium batteries in a separate order.


Here are the three designations for shipping high power Lithium Batteries.

1) If the battery is pre-installed into the product the options for shipping are wider and product can be shipped at a reasonable rate.

2) If the battery is in the box from the manufacturer then you also have a wider range of shipping options at a reasonable rate.

3) It the battery is added to other products in an order then the shipping options become very restricted and EXPENSIVE.

We show the above information in your shopping basket when you request a freight quote or at time of checkout and remember, when you shop at HobbiPro we share the freight costs with you.

General Shipping and Returns information.

At hobbipro we are constantly scouring the globe for the best possible shipping services. Our policy is to provide the best possible service available with shipping so our shipping criterion is to find the lowest price and a GUARANTEED service.

You will have several methods of shipping available to you during the checkout process. Generally we will offer a high speed service, a median cost and a low cost service. In certain cases we may split your order into several cartons for shipments. We do this to reduce your shipping costs as much as possible.

We will offer you (where possible) at least three methods of shipping during the checkout process.

1) Low cost shipping. This is the least expensive method and is ideal for those really large scale models. It takes between 7 – 21 days for a model to arrive but if you are into Giant Scale then you will already be aware of this. The neat thing about this type of shipping is that you generally forget about the time it takes to travel to your destination and then bam, you get a call from a delivery agent and viola, you model arrives. We know this is how it works because we have had the experience many times.

2) Ship by least expensive air. This method of freight generally takes between 4 - 7 days (sometimes a little longer) but it is really well priced. It is designed for larger packages and for those RC enthusiasts that are prepared to wait that little bit longer for their parcel OR those who are on a budget and want to keep the costs down.

3) Fast international air freight. This method will have you parcel to you in the shortest possible time but it comes at a premium. This method of delivery is designed for smaller parcels, lithium batteries and those who really need to get their model in the air, on the water or on the track.

No matter what method of shipping you choose your parcel will be shipped with tracking information and you will be asked to sign for the parcel on delivery.

All our methods of freight are generally to most expedient method of delivering your goods and offer the best protection against loss of goods.

And remember - when you shop at HobbiPro we share the freight costs with you.

Product Returns

HobbiPro offers’ a 10 day money back guarantee on all purchases under the following conditions:

1)    HobbiPro must be advised of the return within 10 days of the shipping date.
2)    The goods must returned unopened and in the original packaging in a resalable condition.
3)    The 10 day return policy does not imply warranty returns.
4)    Warranty type and period varies depending on the type of goods.
5)    For warranty returns please contact for direction.